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Moss is a pesky plant that if left untreated can cause damage to the structure of any roof. It can also be particularly unpleasant to see if growing on a path, driveway or patio. If you’ve been searching for a way to rid yourself of moss growth across any of these areas, your best bet is to use a trusted moss killer.

There are many home-made remedies out there that claim to eliminate blankets of unwanted moss, but most simply aren’t strong enough. And standard weed killers won’t do much.

Unlike other common plants, moss doesn’t have roots for the movement of water or nutrients. Because of this moss relies heavily on constant moisture, so the key to an effective moss killer is through drying the plant out entirely.

Moss Killer Ireland - The Yard BEFORE treatment
Moss Killer Ireland - AFTER

The Number 1 Moss Killer Ireland


Do you have problems with Moss on your roof or driveway?

Do you have problems with Green Algae on foothpaths, kerbs or on your house?

Do you have problems with Red Discolouration on your house?

You have come to the right website to solve your problems.

At Main Verte we produce a product called Algae and Fungicidal Remover, it contains  a biocide to kill moss, green algae, red discolouration, mould and lichen found on all types of outdoor surfaces. The advantage of using our product is that it will not stain surfaces after use.,Safe to use on painted surfaces, concrete, brick, pebble dash, kerbs, pvc, glass, wood, garden ornaments, tarmac, stone, tennis courts, artificial turf roof tiles and slates.

Use Spring, Summer or Autumn time.


Registered in Ireland by the Department of Agriculture.  PCS Number 99885


Contains no bleach or acids.

Moss Killer Ireland - Pavements before and after treatment

The Number 1 Moss Killer Ireland

How Do I Use Algae and Fungicidal Remover?

Step 1. For your health and safety always wear a face mask, goggles and pvc or vinyl disposable gloves.

Step 2. Add water to your knapsack or pressure sprayer, these sprayers can be purchased in your local garden centre or hardware store.

Step 3. Add Algae and Fungicidal Remover (Moss Killer Ireland) to water. Mix at a rate of 6:1 for heavy moss or severe Red Discolouration (6 litres of water to 1 litre of Algae and Fungicidal Remover) Mix at a rate of 10:1 for normal Green Algae and moss removal  (10 litres of water to 1 litre of Algae and Fungicidal Remover)

Step 4. Spray onto surface, when applying to buildings, walls or any start spraying at the bottom and work upwards to ensure that all the surface is covered.

Step 5. Wash sprayer after use.


Moss Killer Ireland - Treatment on roof - Before and After

What Happens to Moss, Green Algae and Red Discolouration After I Have Sprayed?

Green algae: In most cases no need to wash after treating once surfaces are exposed to the weather, rain will wash away any traces of dead algae but if desired can be powerwashed after 2 days to remove traces of dead algae.

Red Discolouration: No need to wash kerbs. On houses leave Algae and Fungicidal Remover for 1 week before powerwashing, if there is a trace of Red Discolouration left on walls after washing apply a second treatment when walls are dry and leave, red will disappear over the following days or weeks. In some cases no powerwashing is required.

Moss: When moss goes brown it is dead. Light growth of moss on concrete, and driveways will disappear through time. In most cases it is recommended to brush the dead moss from concrete, driveways and roofs.

Can I Paint After Using Algae and Fungicidal Remover?

The answer is yes. Using Algae and Fungicidal Remover prior to painting removes all traces of Algae which in turn gives  paint greater adhesion to surface.

Moss Killer Ireland is Recommended by painters.



Apply Algae and Fungicidal Remover (Moss Killer Ireland) only during dry conditions.

Needs 5-6 hours of dry weather to work after spraying.

Do not apply during temperatures of above 25 degrees C or temperatures of below 2 degrees C.

Keep pets indoors while applying product and allow to dry. Safe afterwards.




The Number 1 Moss Killer Ireland

Moss Killer Ireland - Algae and Fungicidal

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