Material Data Safety Sheets can be found alphabetically by product in the table below.
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Manufactured Products

Distributed Products

Laundry Liquid Non Bio- CLP
Laundry Powder 2 in 1 – CLP
Laundry Powder Bio – CLP
Laundry Powder Non Bio – CLP
Laundry Pre Soak – CLP
Lemon Floor Gel – CLP
Liquid Descaler – CLP
Liquid Soap (Red) – CLP
Luxury Soap – CLP
Micro Clean – CLP
Monopro Stone Floor Cleaner – CLP
Multi Surface Silicone Based Polish – CLP
Orange Cleaner – CLP
Orange Squirt – CLP
Perfumed Urinal Mats – CLP
Royal Flush Toilet & Commode Fluid – CLP
Royal Flush Biological Cistern Blocks – CLP
Royal Flush Cistern Blocks – CLP

Sanitaire Emergency Clean-up Powder – CLP
Scale Breaker – CLP
Silicone Free Polish – CLP
Single Pass – CLP
Sola II Floor Finish – CLP
Solacare Floor Maintainer – CLP
Solastrip Floor Finish Remover – CLP
Sta-Brite – CLP
Sta Kill Biocidal Cleaner and Deodoriser – CLP
Stain Remover Solvent – CLP
Stone Seal – CLP
Strip-Free Polymer Stripper – CLP
Supercare Floor Restorer – CLP
Superseal Foundation Undercoat – CLP
Superstrip Emulsion Floor Finish Remover – CLP
Toilet Bowl Rim Hangers – CLP
Toilet Cleaner & Descaler – CLP
Total Washroom Cleaner – CLP (Concentrate/RTU)
Traffic Lane Cleaner – CLP
Urinal Blocks – CLP (Blue/Yellow)
Urine Stain Neutraliser – CLP
Wood Seal – CLP
Xola Clean All Purpose Cleaner – CLP (Concentrate/RTU)
Xtra Emulsion Floor Polish – CLP (Gloss/Satin)