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Car-Chem Professional Detailing Brush


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The Car-Chem Professional Detailing Brush is the perfect tool to help remove grime from your vehicle.

Made from natural boar hair bristles and polypropylene handles; the Car-Chem Professional Detailing Brushes are a must have. No matter if you’re a professional or a beginner a good set of Detailing Brushes are a great tool. Our detailing brushes are chemically resistant and suitable for both interior and exterior use. The 4cm long bristles are ideal for getting into those hard to reach places that a microfibre just can’t get to. The collar is made of soft plastic, greatly reducing the risk of accidental scratching when in use.

Available in 2 sizes; the Car-Chem Professional Detailing Brush is perfect for agitating our cleaning products on all surfaces. They help lift ingrained dirt and safely remove it.

Top Tip:

Use in conjunction with our All Clean to clean all those tight places such as door shuts and drink holders.