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Bubble Gum Silicone


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BUBBLE GUM SILICONE is a lightly perfumed silicone dressing to recondition, shine and protect vehicle trim. It provides an instant shine for dashboards, vinyl door panels, grills, bumpers, spoilers and vehicle detailing.

The clean silicone lubricant contained within BUBBLE GUM SILICONE makes it particularly effective in protecting rubber door seals and lubricating fabric window runners.

How To Use

How to use: Shake can thoroughly before use. Ensure surface to be treated is clean and dry before spraying evenly from a distance of 10-12 inches. No buffing is required but any excess overspray may be wiped off with a dry, lint free cloth. Allow a few minutes for the aerosol propellant to evaporate leaving the silicone dressing on the surface. Additional shine may be achieved by applying a further light spray to the surface being treated.

NB Due to the lubricating properties of BUBBLE GUM SILICONE, care should be taken to ensure no product finds its way onto the steering wheel, gear shift, handbrake and vehicle pedals etc.